Dinner Menu 

Our menu is written & modified regularly, with a selection of our classic bistro dishes  
including starters, main courses and desserts.  
Everything is cooked fresh to order with the best quality products.  
Please ask a member of staff for any dietary special requests. 
Booking is necessary! 

Soup (All served with bread) 

French Onion Soup (v) 
Classic onion soup with Gratinated cheese 
Broccoli Cream Soup (v) 
Broccoli cream with ginger croutons and black olives 
Lobster Bouillabaisse 
Traditional provencal fish and lobster soup 


Tapenade & Focaccia 
Homemade Focaccia Bread with Tapenade 
Garlic Bread with Cheese 
Bread topped with tomato provencale, garlic and mozzarela cheese 
Bruschetta de Tomate 
Garlic bread wth olive oil, garlic, basil and tomato 
Licorella's Bread 
Homemade bread with mixed olives 


Salt and Pepper Calamari 
Battered squid rings with salt and pepper served with alioli 
Charcuterie Platter 
Selection of Spanish cured meat, marinated olives, sundried tomatoes and warm focaccia bread 
(£8.95 for one / £14.95 for two to share) 
Croquetas de la casa 
Homemade spanish style Croquetas (Beef with Truffle or Seafood or Mixed) 
Choriza Al Infierno 
Chorizo sausages cooked in white wine, parsley, chilli & cherry tomatoes 
Mussels Mariniere 
Mussels in a white wine and tomato provençale sauce topped with parsley and served with bread 
Mussels a la Creme 
Mussels in a Pernod and cream sauce, served with bread 
Lemon Garlic Scallops 
Scallops pan-seared in butter and served in a delicious lemon garlc sauce topped with parsley 
King Prawn Pil Pil 
Peeled king prawns cooked in olive oil, garlic, tomato, cherry, and chilli 
Grilled King Prawns 
Large King Prawns grilled in the shell 
Salmon Tartar 
Chopped Salmon marinated with Yuzu sauce, mango, avocad & Caviar 
Licorella's Fritto Misto 
Lightly fried Crispy Calamari, Peeled King Prawns, 
Whitebait & Halibut Served with Salad Garnish & Alioli. 
Crab Cake 
Homemade crab cakes made with celery, onion, dijon mustard, egg, panko, lie peri sauce and served with tartar sauce 
Deep Fried Brie 
Deep fried brie served with melba toast and cranberry jam 
Garlic Mushrooms 
Sauteed mushroom with garlic and stilton cheese cream and parsley, served with bread 


Caprese Salad 
Mixed leaves, Caprese Cheese, Tomato and fresh Basil, dressed with basil vinegar 
Goats Cheese Salad (v) 
Mixed salad leaves with cherry tomatoes, grilled goat's cheese, raisins, walnuts, sliced apple  
and mixed berry dressing. 
Salad Nicoise 
Mixed leaves, tomato, boiled egg, olives, tuna chunks, dressed with olive oil 
Avocado & Prawn Salad 
Mixed leaves, Avocado & peeled King Prawn dressed with Cocktail Sauce 


Seafood Platter  
Full Lobster, Mussels , Grilled King Prawns, Grilled Scallops topped with Black Caviar, Crab Meat & Oysters 
served with Tartar Sauce & Mixed Leaves Salad 
Surf 'n' Turf 
Sirloin Steak Served with King Prawn and Garnish 
with Whiskey Sauce 
Full Lobster 
Full Lobster served with French Fries and Vegetables. 
£ - Daily Price 
Half Lobster 
Half Lobster served with French Fries and Vegetables. 
£ - Daily Price 
Seafood Paella (Min. 2 people) 
Spanish rice with calamari, squids, mussels, clams and king prawns. 
£19.95 per person 
Mixed Paella (Min. 2 people) 
Spanish rice with calamari, chicken, choriz and king prawns. 
£18.95 per person 
Paella Negra (Arroz Negro) (Min. 2 people) 
Black Spanish rice with calamari. squid, and king prawns cooked in squid ink. 
£19.95 per person 
Mongolian Beef / Chicken 
Beef/Chicken strips cooked in Licorella's special sauce (Garlic, ginger, soya and brown sugar),  
served with rice & sauteed vegetables 
£25.95 / £18.95 
Spaghetti a la Chitarra 
Spaghetti with tomato, garlic, chilli, rocket leaves and parmesan cheese 
For any Allergies or Gluten free enquiries please ask a member of staff. 
Note - Please check the price of the day with your server. Prices are varied due to the market fluctuations. 
Grilled Salmon 
Grilled Salmon fillet on a bed of spinach,  
topped with herb butter and served with potato fondant 
Crab Hake 
Fillet of hake topped with crab meat, served with lobster cream sauce, 
roatsed potato slice and fresh sauteed vegetables 
Seafood Linguini 
Pan-fried King Prawn, Calamari, Mussels, Tomato Cherry, White Wine, 
Garlic, Parsley & Parprika Powder 
Scallops, King Prawns and Chorizo Linguini 
Pan fried Scallops, King Prawns, Mussels and Chorizo 
on a bed of Linguini with cherry tomatoes, garlic and leeks 
Sea Bass in Champagne Sauce 
Grilled sea bass fillet cooked in champagne sauce 
served with a potato fondant and fresh sautéed vegetables 
Lemon Sole Meuniere 
Pan fried Sole cooked in butter, lemon, parsley and white wine sauce 
served with a roasted potato slice and fresh sautéed vegetables 
Squid Ink Pasta 
Squid Ink pasta (Black Spaghetti) cooked in fresh lobster sauce sauteed with butter 
and peeled king prawn and cherry tomatoes 
King Prawn Risotto 
King prawns cooked in Spanish rice with cheese and cream topped with parmesan cheese 
Mushroom Risotto 
Mushroom cooked in Spanish rice with cheese and cream topped with parmesan cheese 
For any Allergies or Gluten free enquiries please ask a member of staff 

From The Grill 

10 oz Sirloin Steak 
6 oz Fillet Steak 
10oz Rib Eye Steak 
All the above served with homemade fries and vegetables. 
Add a sauce of your choice:  
Blue Cheese, Peppercorn or Red wine and Truffle. 
Fillet Steak & Scallops 
6oz Fillet Steak, Grilled Scallops & Caviar served with mashed potato 
and topped with red wine & truffle sauce and fresh sauteed vegetables 
Original Licorella's Burger 
200g homemade burger with bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg and caramelised onion 
served with homemade fries 
Chargrilled Lamb Chops 
Chargrilled lamb chops cooked to taste,  
served with fresh sautéed vegetables, baby potatoes and mint gravy 
Steak Spaghetti 
Grilled strips of Steak topped with herb butter, Spaghetti Towers 
with olive oil and sauteed cherry tomato 
Lamb Shank 
Roasted leg of lamb, served in its own juices with mashed potatoes and mint gravy 
Pork Tenderloin Medallions 
Pork tenderloin medallions with mustard cream sauce 
served with homemade fries and garnish 
Chicken Milanese 
Pan-fried breaded chicken breast fillets topped with a tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese 
with homemade fries and garnish 
Chicken Kiev 
Chicken stuffed with rich garlic butter, mixed herbs and fresh cheese coated with golden bread crumb crust 
served with homemade fries and garnish 

Vegan Menu 

Vegetarian / Vegan Burger 
Homemade burger made with courgette, spring onion, red kidney beans, lentils & gram flour 
served with homemade fries and garnish  
V - Linguini 
Mix vegetable, spring onion & cherry tomatoe 
V- Risotto 
Fresh vegetables cooked in rice with cheese & cream, topped with parmesan cheese 
Mushroom Risotto 
Rice with mushrooms, leeks and coconut cream 
V - Paella 
Spanish rice with mix vegetables, tomato puree, artichokes & broccoli finished with cherry tomato 

Dessert Menu 

Pavlova Merigue slice with mix berry and cream - £7.95 
Cheesecake Homemade mix berry cheesecake - £8.95 
Chocolate Fondue Homemade chocolate fondue served with vanilla ice cream - £8.95 
Lemon Meringue Pie Dessert pie filled with lemon curd and topped with meringue - £9.95 
Sticky Toffee Pudding Served with vanilla ice cream or custard £8.95 
Creme Brulee With vanilla flavour - £7.95 
Millefeuille of Chocolate Mousse - £8.95 
Ice Cream Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry - £6.95 
Cheese Board Mixed cheese board served with dry fruit, marmalade and melba toast - £9.95 
Affogato Vanilla ice cream on top of fresh Expresso Cafe - £8.95 
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